Surprised at what is running on your network?

A new survey by research firm Vanson Bourne of 1,350 business IT decision-makers in the US and 13 other countries sought to identify current IoT security vulnerabilities and threats in corporate organizations. One of the questions was a question that asked respondents to identify the strangest IoT devices they found connected to their organization's networks. A surprising 44% reported seeing portable medical equipment; 43% said they had encountered kettles, coffee machines and other connected kitchen appliances; 38% said the same about IP-enabled sportswear, including skipping ropes and weights; 34% reported smart toys; and 27% said smart vehicles. Other responses included hand washers, smart trash cans and, in one case, aircraft engines. If you are interested in European Unified Threat Management, please contact us at 0888 SECURE (732873)!